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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

*This service refers to companies, corporations and organizations. 

It goes without saying that employee health and wellbeing is an essential component in the running of any successful company. The best place to start building up your business is from the inside, with the people who work there.

Show loyalty to your employees and you’ll receive the analogous loyalty back. A small investment from your side could mean a big change in employee culture and therefore higher productivity and profit. 

EAP services:

1. Psychological evaluation

A careful and thorough evaluation is conducted that examines a number of mental health concerns such as stress levels, burnout symptoms, depressive symptoms etc. and appropriate guidance is given according to the results.

2. Counseling services (face-to-face or online)

Balancing the pressures of work with the needs of home and personal life can seem like a mammoth struggle if you're working without enough - or the right - support. Psychological support by a trained, qualified and experienced mental health professional can help the individual manage mental health issues and resolve workplace struggles. An employee that feels happy, secure, and satisfied with life is much more likely to work with energy, motivation, passion and be more productive.

3. Seminars and workshops

Offer your employees the opportunity to attend workshops on a variety of topics such as stress management, burnout signs, mindfulness, work-life balance etc. These workshops teach a set of skills necessary for a contemporary employee.

For a personalized EAP plan please contact me.

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