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Services I Offer

Individual Sessions

In my therapy sessions, we’ll work on current difficulties and try to improve your overall quality of life. 
This service is offered either face-to-face in Nicosia (Cyprus) or online.

Couples Therapy

Learn healthier ways of communicating with your partner and improve the quality of your relationship. This service is offered either face-to-face in Nicosia (Cyprus) or online.

Workshops/ Seminars

I offer workshops and seminars on a wide variety of mental health topics such as stress management, relaxation, emotional intelligence, burnout, grief etc.

My Services: Services
Calm Sea

Some of the mental health concerns I can help you with:

*This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Anxiety/Stress/Panic Attacks

  • Depression/Bipolar Disorder/Mood Difficulties

  • Relationship Difficulties (separation, divorce)

  • Identity Crisis (lack of clear identity, lack of purpose in life)

  • Burnout/ Emotional exhaustion

  • Internet Addiction

  • Sexuality and LGBT-related concerns

  • Emotion regulation

  • Self-esteem, confidence, self-compassion

  • Intercultural adjustment

  • etc. 

I understand that visiting a psychologist and sharing personal information can be difficult, especially if it’s the first time.  If you wish to have a free 15-minute consultation in order to receive more information and get a better understanding of the therapeutic procedure, please contact me.

My Services: Welcome
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